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GROUND The Peat Ritual Small Gift Set

GROUND The Peat Ritual Small Gift Set

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100% natural aromatherapy & peat grooming goodness

Gift includes Beo Rebalancing Face Balm and Talamh Peat Face Mask

Beo Rebalancing Face Balm

100% natural, a deeply moisture-restoring balm which helps calm irritated skin, Rosehip supports skin elasticity and aids in the fight against damaging free radicals. Rich in Blackseed oil, this balm helps tame redness and soothe irritation. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, helping to revitalise the skin while Lime invigorates to energise the spirit.

Talamh Peat Face Mask

100% natural and organic, packed with ancient preservative qualities, the rejuvenating properties of Peat have been proven over centuries to help nourish and invigorate the skin. With an abundance of essential oils, fatty acids and lipoids, this deep cleansing facial mask helps draw out impurities and smooth the skin, aiding to balance the PH.

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