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GROUND The Road Gift Set

GROUND The Road Gift Set

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The Road Gift Box

A thoughtful and compassionate gesture designed to provide support and comfort during the challenging journey of IVF treatment. Inside this carefully curated box, you'll find two nurturing companions, Grounding Room & Linen Spray 30ml and a Nourish Superseed Face and Body Oil 30ml, each chosen with care to enrich and nourish the body and spirit. It offers support and solace, making it a considerate and meaningful gift for anyone facing these challenging times.

Grounding Room & Linen Spray 30ml

Transform your living space with an exceptional sense of balance and harmony.

Crafted with 100% natural essential oils, the Grounding Room & Linen Spray was designed to recenter and align the mind and body. Immerse your home in rich, woody notes, imparting emotional stability while fostering a sense of cohesion and connection.

Grounding Ritual: Spray in the home, on yourself or on upholstery. Best for use in living spaces in the home, the bedroom, or anywhere you need to relax and recenter yourself. 

Nourish Superseed Face and Body Oil 30ml

100% natural, harnessing the antioxidant power of plant seeds including Cucumber, Rosehip, Cranberry and Blackseed, this soothing and nourishing face & body oil helps to support and relieve dry skin. 

Nourishing Calendula infused with 
Green Tea helps to moisturise, while 
Borage helps to protect the skin barrier. This Super Seed recipe is unscented, with 
a natural hint of Raspberry.

Grounding Ritual: Apply generously on slightly wet skin after a bath or shower to seal in long-lasting moisture. Consistent use helps to support and soothe dry and compromised skin.


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