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GROUND Cúram Comfort Balm - Pregnancy & Infants 6M+ 60ml

GROUND Cúram Comfort Balm - Pregnancy & Infants 6M+ 60ml

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Pregnancy: Designed to support a woman’s changing body throughout pregnancy, this thoughtfully crafted and natural formula helps comfort through hormonal shifts with Lavender and Sweet Orange. Naturally powerful oils seal in moisturize and strengthen skin elasticity as it stretches to accommodate new life.

When to use: Apply after a warm bath or shower before bedtime, or whenever the body and mind require extra comfort and calm.

Infants 6M+ : Harnessing the power of touch to comfort, soothe and build connection, this tender balm restores tiny souls by encouraging rest. Perfect for sensitive new skin, this 100% natural formula features Lavender and Sweet orange to balance the subtle energy of the heart and encourage sleep.

When to use: Build a night time routine by applying balm to areas like the scalp, back or chest or simply rub into pulse points and behind the ears using the Comfort Baby Massage Ritual.

All Ground Wellbeing products are made in small batches using 100% natural ingredients. Vegan and never tested on animals.

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